For women, this service includes a Fragile or Everyday Moisturizing sulfate and paraben free shampooing and conditioning based with a botanical and essential oil and extracts specially selected to meet your hair needs.  Men (Barbershop Experience) get a J Beverly Hills Men’s exclusive Shampooing & Conditioning Formulated with a combination of aloe and nettle botanical extracts that provide moisture balance to the hair and scalp, while providing natural healing and gentle cleansing properties. -Heals-Dissolves Build-up-Moisturizes.  They also enjoy a hot towel face wrap as gel formulated with aloe vera and tea tree oil to leave skin hydrated and refreshed.

While the moisturizing or reparative conditioner with ingredients like nettle, sage, blueberry and grapeseed extracts work its way into the cuticle of the hair, your stylist will gently massage your scalp to help stimulate better blood circulation that promotes healthier hair and scalp. Once rinsed you will enjoy a neck rub that will help relieve the stresses of the day. Your stylist will then consult with you on the cut and the steps necessary to get the best finished result. After the cut, you will blown dry and styled with J Beverly Hills styling products. Ladies, ask your stylist for the hot tool finish as an added service and get curls or flat ironing for a more polished look. Book Now