Hair Coloring & Balayage

Hair Coloring & Balayage at The Main Salon

If you’re adding a little or a lot of color to your hair, know that we use J Beverly Hills Colour. Their color line pigments are pharmaceutical-grade and measure 99.98% in purity, which is the smallest and purest pigment molecule in the world (micro- molecular).  To protect the hair it has a pH level of 8.59 which is the minimum pH level needed to push the colour pigment in.  With ingredients like lack pearl powder, aloe vera, argan, acai berry, beeswax and formulated with pure botanicals that survive in a moderately alkaline pH and work to leave the hair healthy and shiny. Book Now

Whether its Balayage, highlights, low-lights, color or all the above, your service is all a matter of placement.  Your stylist will consult with you about the effect and intensity results you’re desiring from your service.  Feel free to ask questions and know that we will do our best to answer them and offer the consistent service you are looking for from a professional salon. Book Now